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Amor Ferever

On a warm Southern Californian afternoon in October, our loved ones gathered in the Malibu canyons to celebrate the wedding between my partner, Fernando, and me. I relished this opportunity to tell our story and craft a vision that was deeply personal and powerfully symbolic.

My point of departure was the act of joining in union, not just of two individuals, but also of families, cultures, and traditions. To symbolize the dynamic nature of coming together, the Amor Ferever identity was defined by an aesthetic of contrasting pairings across language, color, texture, and imagery, while never abandoning a feeling of visual harmony and grace. This creative direction, which balanced a laid back Californian sensibility with a formal refinement suited for the occasion, materialized across the entire experience including invitations, florals, event design, and even our cake.

    ︎︎︎Creative Direction, Branding, Design
Event Photography: The Gathering Season | Materials Photography: Erica Sanchez
 | Printing: House of Sinclair | Event Florals: The Little Branc | Calligraphy: Seniman Calligraphy

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