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Béla Nektar

Béla Nektar is a small batch holistic skincare line committed to wellness. Inspired by the elemental alchemy of the natural world, each product’s composition is a unique blend of high-frequency minerals, healing botanicals, and nutrient-dense lipids. Owner Lauren Bradley’s intimate process marries intuitive making with in-depth material research.

Our branding and packaging was designed to emphasize the foundational characteristics of the company: the natural, the scientific, the handmade. We incorporated Lauren’s own paintings of botanicals to ground the brand’s visual identity, while implementing a color system to communicate key ingredients of each product. Minimal and timeless typography tied it all together, ensuring that users could easily explore, collect and layer the products in personalized ways to best serve their individual skincare goals.

     ︎︎︎Creative Direction, Packaging Design
In Collaboration with Erin Gabrielle Balot of Colabo Collective
Illustrations by Lauren Bradley

Copyright ©2022 Erica Sanchez
Los Angeles, California