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Bottega Louie

Bottega Louie is a culinary destination and Los Angeles institution known for its booming brunches and pristine rows of French-inspired patisserie. At the restaurant’s iconic downtown location in the Old Bank District, its design and atmosphere marries the gilded, timeless elegance of European dining halls with a uniquely LA take on casual-chic. Attracting thousands of visitors a week, Bottega Louie ranks in the top twenty grossing restaurants in the U.S. and has held the position of Most Yelped Business with over 15,000 reviews.

For five years, I led creative where my responsibilities encompassed a range of activities including design direction, packaging design, photography, and marketing as well as sourcing gourmet products and overseeing the e-commerce platform. The diverse spaces of the Bottega Louie brand, which ran the gamut from the grand dining hall to the impressively curated market, continually offered new challenges for creative refinement and evolution.

    ︎︎︎Creative Direction, Branding, Design, Packaging Design, Photography

In collaboration with: Art Director Danny Bobbe and Art Director Mary Smudde | Merchandiser Clara Andres


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