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Grey Goose Essences

To launch Grey Goose’s first product line since their iconic original spirit, we took inspiration from the sensory characteristics that defined this new trio of vodka infused with all-natural fruit and botanical essences.

We imagined a world where you could be swept off your feet by a mesmerizing botanical force, embodying a feeling of joyful effervescence. This visual treatment carried over to the design, which utilized dynamic arrangements of vibrant fruits and florals to simultaneously contrast, yet emphasize the brand’s premium quality.

    ︎︎︎Art Direction, Design
Client: Grey Goose | Agency: Mullenlowe LA | Director: James Allen, Mike Skrgatic, and Rob Blishen of Time Based Art | ECD: Laura Sampedro and Carlos Alija | Creative Directors: Chris Juhas and Fabio Brigido | Associate Creative Directors: Erica Sanchez and Natasha Hugeback | Design Lead: Erica Sanchez | Junior Designer: Sandra Seo | VFX: Time Based Arts

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