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Carta Fragrance Design

Carta is a perfume experience rooted in unique locations on Earth and their ecologies. The premier scent, Moena 12|69 is not only inspired by the Tambopata Provence of Peru, but also makes a material connection to place with its use of Moena Alcanfor oil, which is hand-sourced in the Amazon basin. Its entrancing, rainforest-inspired olfactory identity balances lush, watery notes of the canopy with a woodsy, tobacco earthiness.

The design of Moena 12|69—bottle, box, and accompanying collateral—had to be fittingly special. Patterns, colors, materials, and textures took formal cues from the region’s landscape and topography like the snaking turns of the Tambopata River rendered in blind emboss on recycled paper.

    ︎︎︎Packaging Design
In Collaboration with Kimi Lewis

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