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Valfré Cosmetics

Ilse Valfré is an artist and influencer from Mexico who’s built an eponymous lifestyle brand out of her signature artwork. Her illustrations of adorably sinister characters living in psychedelic worlds have grown a cult following of loyal fans around the world.

When the Valfré brand decided to launch a cosmetic product as the latest drop on their platform, I was thrilled to develop a creative direction and packaging design that effortlessly translated the Valfré ethos into a new product. Collaborating with Illse and Valfré CEO, Donald Eley, we developed an eye palette in shimmery, vibrant shades inspired by one of her iconic illustrations of a pin-up girl surrounded by flowers. The branding and packaging identity exuded a sleek, retro look that celebrated the signature aesthetic, while giving fans a new way to experience the Valfré brand.

    ︎︎︎Creative Direction, Packaging Design
Illustration by Ilse Valfré 
Produced by Ready Go Ventures

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Los Angeles, California